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Cedar Hill Cemetery
in Suitland, MD

Our Properties

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States where our properties are located

Arkansas2 Funeral Homes
Alabama 9 Cemeteries
6 Funeral Homes
California 7 Cemeteries
8 Funeral Homes
Colorado 2 Cemeteries
Delaware 1 Cemetery
Florida 9 Cemeteries
27 Funeral Homes
Georgia 7 Cemeteries
Hawaii 1 Cemetery
Illinois 11 Cemeteries
4 Funeral Homes
Indiana 11 Cemeteries
5 Funeral Homes
Iowa 1 Cemetery
Kansas 3 Cemeteries
2 Funeral Homes
Kentucky 2 Cemeteries
Maryland 10 Cemeteries
1 Funeral Home
Michigan 13 Cemeteries
Mississippi 2 Cemeteries
1 Funeral Home
Missouri 6 Cemeteries
5 Funeral Homes
New Jersey 6 Cemeteries
North Carolina 19 Cemeteries
2 Funeral Homes
Ohio 14 Cemeteries
2 Funeral Homes
Oregon 7 Cemeteries
11 Funeral Homes
Pennsylvania 68 Cemeteries
10 Funeral Homes
Rhode Island 2 Cemeteries
South Carolina 8 Cemeteries
2 Funeral Homes
Tennessee 11 Cemeteries
5 Funeral Homes
Virginia 34 Cemeteries
2 Funeral Homes
Washington 3 Cemeteries
2 Funeral Homes
West Virginia33 Cemeteries
2 Funeral Homes
Puerto Rico 7 Cemeteries
5 Funeral Homes
Arkansas Alabama California Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maryland Michigan Mississippi Missouri NewJersey NorthCarolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania RhodeIsland SouthCarolina Tennessee Virginia Washington WestVirginia PuertoRico

Total number of:

Cemeteries 307| Funeral Homes 104 | Total Locations 412

The distribution of our cemetery and funeral home properties by state as of December 31, 2015.