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Investor FAQs

1. What is StoneMor’s business?

StoneMor owns and manages cemeteries and funeral homes. Our strategy is to grow our business by purchasing cemeteries and funeral homes at favorable prices and then improving their operations over an approximately four-year ramp-up period.

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2. What is StoneMor Partners L.P.’s ticker symbol and where is it listed?

StoneMor is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol STON.

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3. When did StoneMor L.P. begin trading?

StoneMor began trading on September 20, 2004.

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4. What is a Master Limited Partnership?

A Master Limited Partnership, or MLP, is a limited partnership, the interests in which (known as units) are traded on public stock exchanges. An MLP has one or more general partners that manage the partnership, and many limited partners, who provide capital to the partnership but have no role in its management. When an investor buys a unit in an MLP, he or she becomes a limited partner. For additional information, see here.

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5. Are MLP distributions guaranteed?

No, an MLP’s cash distributions are not guaranteed and are contingent on its ability to generate distributable cash flow.

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6. What are incentive distribution rights?

The incentive distribution rights, also known as the “high splits”, give a general partner the right to an increasing percentage of the incremental distributable cash flow generated by a partnership as the per-unit distribution to the partnership’s limited partners increases. The general partner’s share of incremental distributable cash flow in most MLPs starts at 2% and escalates to higher levels such as 15%, 25% and 50%. Each MLP’s partnership agreement defines the target distribution levels and the corresponding “splits” on the incremental distributable cash flow. The incentive distribution rights are generally thought to incite the general partner to rapidly grow the distributions to its limited partners. STON's high splits are as follows: Less than or equal to $2.05 per-unit - 2%; greater than $2.05, but less than $2.35 per-unit - 15%; greater than $2.35, but less than $2.85 per-unit - 25%; and greater than $2.85 per-unit - 50%.

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7. What is a Schedule K-1?

A Schedule K-1 is an information reporting tax form similar to the Form 1099 that corporate stockholders receive.

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8. When will I receive the K-1?

Schedule K-1s are expected to be mailed by mid-March of each year.

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9. Who is STON’s transfer agent?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10005
(800) 937-5449 Telephone
(718) 236-2641 Fax

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10. Who is STON’s auditor?

Deloitte & Touche LLP.

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11. Does STON have a distribution reinvestment program?

No, StoneMor Partners does not have a Distribution Reinvestment Plan.

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12. Can I purchase units directly from StoneMor?

No, StoneMor units must be purchased through a broker.

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13. Where can I get the latest corporate news releases and financial reports?

The latest corporate news releases and financial reports can be found on our website at http://stonemor.com/investors/.

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14. Who makes up the STON Executive Management team and Board of Directors?

Information on StoneMor’s executive management team can be found here: http://stonemor.com/investors/management/ and information on its board of directors can be found here: http://stonemor.com/investors/board-of-directors/.

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15. What is UBTI?

Unrelated Business Taxable Income, or UBTI, is income that is taxable to an otherwise tax-exempt institution or account. UBTI usually comes into play for individual investors when they consider holding MLP units in nontaxable accounts such as IRAs.

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16. Can I hold MLP units in my individual retirement account (IRA)?

Yes, you can hold MLP units in an IRA; however, only the first $1,000 of UBTI from all sources is excluded from taxation. In other words, to the extent that you were allocated more than $1,000 in aggregate UBTI, the excess would become taxable even though the units are held in a tax-exempt account. Since StoneMor is prohibited from offering tax advice, we strongly recommend that you consult a tax advisor regarding the tax ramifications of MLP ownership.

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17. Which analysts track STON at this current time?

John Ransom – Raymond James

Liam Burke – Wunderlich Securities

Michael Gyure – Janney Montgomery Scott

Richard Verdi – Ladenburg Thalmann

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18. How can I receive e-mail updates for this information?

You can receive e-mail updates for information on our company by signing up for our e-mail alerts here: http://stonemor.com/email-alerts/.

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19. Whom do I contact regarding investor inquiries?

John McNamara – Director of Investor Relations
(jmcna@stonemor.com) (215) 826-2945.

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